delaying increases suffering.

holaaa u guys!

been so soo sooooo long not to write yhaaa karena hidup sudah mulai sibuk2nya (hala lebay, abaikan)

so here (while listening to letto – sandaran hati 😂, ga nyambung lagune yo ben) hence, I’m trying to write what I trully feel… from the deepest part of my sad heart, hiks! lol I’m fine yeah probably just kind of a bit sad

lets back to the title! hahaha

well, delaying increasing suffering. kedengarannya bener2 miris anjir gt ya 😂 so it began about 2 weeks ago when I heard the news about penutupan pendaftaran sidang skripsi, which is SKRIPSI / THESIS is what I’m faced now as mahasiswa semester akhir (aku semester 10 fyi) so penutupan sidang adalah tgl 25 april. ada sedih ada bahagianya. sad part when I dunno anything about how do my thesis implemented at school on time (their schedule) berasa bener2 dag dig dug syerrr… enough about the sad part

and the happy part is when I can truly reach my dream as bachelor degree! which is graduate! hahaha and it will be my biggest gift I ever had!

tp layaknya hidup. have its up and down, and….. then….. I….. heard….. about….. DELAYING. yha, pendaftaran sidang skripsi maju menjadi tgl 18 dan jadwal anak2 adalah… LIBUR! can you just imagine it? bagai disambar petir di siang bolong. hahaha, just how do I begin to implement my strategies when the is no students to be teach? should I teach the invisible one? or just manipulated? ha! (abaikan, ini sesat)

and so its, the result is I can’t reach those dream and I should wait for 2 months to graduate. if you guys can learn from story of mine, is, you can’t get everything you want, its either you dont ready yet or its not your time (read: luck)


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